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Our Product

Cash Control is a unique system to get you in Control of your money.

How are we unique?

1. We don’t bother looking back at where your money went. That is the past. We give you a system so you can decide where your money will go over the next year. It’s a forward looking plan. A simpler and smarter way to manage your money.

2. The system works through the beauty of automation. We make it automatic so you don’t have to worry about it. By splitting your money into buckets as soon as you get paid, it’s easy to stay in Control.

3. The final piece to complete your trip to financial success is that we make it happen. We start you on an intensive Start Up Programme to get you in Control. Step by step you know what you need to do, and your coach makes sure you do it. Then through Monthly Coach Reports, refreshers and reminders we help you stay on track for the year.  We have found this is the most important ingredient to get people in Control and keep them there. Other providers give various "tools" but shy away from providing the critical ingredient we all need.

Key benefits

Here’s why we think you will want to get Control:

Simple – It’s very easy to set up. Just follow the five steps and you are done.

Automatic – Once you are set up Cash Control is automatic. The system works automatically for you. 24/7 – Online any time you want it, from anywhere that has the web.

Full service – The reason Cash Control works so well is our program and coaching makes sure you get your budget working in your life. When you get it working, you get results.

No money worries – It’s not just saving. It’s living smoothly, feeling comfortable and knowing you have got everything covered.

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