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Dec 10

Written by: Pedro
10/12/2007 9:23 p.m.

Greetings Budgeteers!

I know you missed Coach Pedro, but not to worry I am back. And I have got a gem for you this week. As you can see from above I have found an interesting book by Charles Linden called "Stress Free in 30 days". Before we kick into it, let's loose the formalities and just refer to our friend Mr Linden as Charlie. 

Ok so the world acclaimed guru Charlie has his own Linden method which is designed to take stress and kick it for touch. Well Charlie highlights the importance of financial Control.

"Having financial control of your finances is incredibly important, financial concerns account for more headaches than most other stressors and most of us live beyond or at least, to our mean! This is a recipe for disaster."

I couldn't agree more Charlie! Let's make recipes for success instead. Charlie emphasises the importance of getting that balance so you can spend more time on other important and more enjoyable aspects of life. He also talks about how it is too easy to slip into the abyss of overspending and the stress and anxiety when trying to crawl back out. Stay away from that abyss, don't even walk on the edge of consumer credit over the pre Christmas and post christmas mayhem...

So with the silly season coming up do Coach Pedro proud and stay out of the stress box now and in the New Year! Think about your holiday spend, make sure it is covered by your beautiful BIG TICKET bucket. If it's not covered, scale back a bit and save yourself a headache or two next year!

Cash Controllers, don't forget to track that Big Ticket, I will be checking!!!

Stress free,


Pedro Taylor - Cash Coach


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