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Jan 27

Written by: Pedro
27/01/2008 4:02 p.m.

Welcome, welcome and the seasons greetings to you all!

It's new year, you are reluctantly back at work, what does that mean troopers? It means it is the perfect time to check in on your big ticket spending. Now we all know what that big ticket bucket is for. It's for all those things that come up through the year. Irregular things like dentist bills, car service, clothing, medicine, birthday presents and a whole lot more.

So you have diligently been putting money away into this bucket each pay day. Nice work on that one! The next step is checking in on your spending every month. Every month you want to plug in estimates for each area of your bucket that you have taken funds from. This tracking makes sure you don't run that bucket dry and run short of money.

We make is really easy for you to do this. Now listen carefully, this is super important. To do this simply click on My Buckets, then Big Ticket bucket. On the right you can see a tab saying tracking. This is where you need to plug those figures in every month. If you click the progress to the right of that you can see on a chart how much you have left for the year! Simple.

So what's the moral of the story? Well no doubt after New Year and Xmas that bucket took a hammering. No probs. Just get in and track it so you can know where you are at and feel comfortable and confident for the rest of the year.

Coach Pedro over and out,

Pedro Taylor

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