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Sep 25

Written by: Pedro
25/09/2008 10:43 p.m.

Gidday to you all,
Coach Pedro is all good. The big investment banks in the US, well it ain’t so rosy for them, they have taken a major hammering. On the whole you would have to say things are tightening up all over. This means it’s a good time to whip through your budget and make sure you have everything under control. It’s also a good time to build in some Coach Pedro “buffer” into your budget. This is spare cash you park away where you can’t touch it, it sits there just in case you need it. It’s good to have a back stop, plan b or whatever you want to call it. Just in case you need it. So take a look at your budget and think about putting some money aside in another account to be your emergency or buffer.
Ok talking of parking money in accounts. If you park cash away you want to make sure you are getting the best interest rates right? We will get to that soon but before we do let’s look at a free $30. RaboPlus have an interesting deal at the moment where if you open a savings account with them before September 30th they will give you a “$30 Kickstart” into your new account with them. You have to fill out a few things online, post forms off and the like. So a bit of work involved but if you were looking to set up new savings account anyway this isn’t bad. The promotional code needed to get the $30 is KSTART30 when you set it up online. Give them a call if you want to get the details.

Getting back to those interest rates on your savings. Check out what your bank or other banks can do for you with online call/online savings accounts. These online accounts can usually be set up quite quickly and offer decent interest rates. Go to the bank sites for the full details but a quick summary below for you.

bank savings rates

Keep up the supreme money management!


Coach Pedro

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