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Nov 28

Written by: Pedro
28/11/2007 4:43 p.m.

Hello Great People,

We all want a smooth financial life right? One where you can glide along toward your finanical goals without a lot of stress. You know you have got everything covered, so no worries. Well Coach Pedro has some good news, this is Control and it can be pretty straigh forward.

Let me introduce to you the Big Ticket Bucket. The BT bucket smoothes out all the irregularities and financial speed bumps that can disrupt your cash flow and your life. So what are those irregular items? Well here is a brief snapshot of things that "pop" up through the year and you need to have covered. Christmas presents, holidays, birthday presents, contents insurance, other insurance, toys, haircuts, car service, WOF, clothing, medicine, doctors, dentists, weekends away, yearly memberships....the list goes on. When they come up how does it affect you? Do you have to struggle for a few weeks or is it like water off a ducks back?

To make sure you deal with these smoothly we plan for them. You put $$ out of every pay into your BT bucket. Then when it comes time for the dentist, doctor, Christmas etc you have the money waiting and ready in your bucket! Quite simple once set up, you just need to make sure you set it up in your life and make it automatic! Jump on to the free trial online and you will see what I mean.

Don't waste time worrying about money. Just listen to Coach Pedro - smooth out your financial life and get that BT Bucket set up!

Pedro Taylor - Cash Coach


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