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Who Says Saving is Important? How important?

We have all heard how we should be saving money for our retirement right. We hear it every day and we all know we should be doing it. What is holding you back? Is it because it is too much hassle? Because it takes time and effort, a real pain? Well we can get around all of that pretty easily. Cash Control blows all those excuses out of the water. It makes it easier to live your life, no money worries. That includes not worrying about saving. By making everything automatic Cash Control takes out the hassle.

Making saving automatic is what all the all the successful wealth/financial experts say. The famous Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki always says “Pay yourself first”. This is key to saving and meeting your financial goals. Pay yourself first otherwise there will be nothing left at the end. And who is more important to pay first than yourself? But what are you saving for?

Its not just retirement. Saving is having control over your finances and it gives you flexibility. Everyone should have at least enough money saved as an “emergency buffer” to fall back on. You may loose your job, become sick, or need to buy something urgently. This gives you more control over not just your finances, but your life. It gives you more choices and allows you to live with less stress.

Jamie Mcintryre is a famous self made millionaire from Australia. He repeatedly emphasises the importance of saving being the first step in wealth creation. It is that first step of control, or power in peoples financial lives. “If you are not saving, you can not live your dreams” is what he teaches. If you do not save money, you don’t have control of your life, you can not invest. It makes it hard to move forward.

How important is saving? It is crtical. Far more than just putting money away for retirement. Saving gives more control and freedom in your life. It gives you power, and the flexibility to make more choices. Plus it allows you to invest, grow and of course have money for retirement. So we can probably agree saving is very important. Paying yourself first and having an easy budget system that sets you up to win are the two most important factors. We provide that system and the support to help you meet your financial goals.

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